Children’s Art Parties Hertfordshire

Children’s Art Parties Hertfordshire

As most parents would testify, raising children can be both the most rewarding and challenging of experiences in our lifetime. Perhaps it's all too easy to underestimate how much is required of parents to provide sufficiently for their children in all areas physically and emotionally. Something as fundamental as creating healthy interesting and enjoyable meals each and everyday of the week - week in week out, year in year out, is quite a feat for any busy mum or dad! Keeping your children creatively and otherwise occupied is also a definite challenge for many parents. School holidays can be a void of many weeks in which the parents feel an intense pressure to pack with fun filled activities. Coming up with new ideas of places to go and activities to engage in for a range of age groups can be tricky.

The Art Academy host comprehensive children’s art parties. Hertfordshire based, our art parties provide parents with another option of creative and therapeutic entertainment for their children and excellent ways to mark an occasion or spend time together as friends and family. Children’s art parties, Hertfordshire, provide young ones with another opportunity to discover the world of creative escape. Notice the following benefits of art for children and by extension some potential benefits of our children’s art parties, Hertfordshire:

1. Art encourages creativity which is vital to a person’s future wellbeing in terms of the ability to creatively solve problems, discover new concepts and think outside the box.
2. Art employs many of our five senses, depending on the activity, which in turn encourages the neural connections of a child’s brain to become stronger.
3. Engaging in art-based activities frequently will help to fine tune a child’s motor skills. Controlling the paint brush, mixing colours, rolling play dough and similar activities all serve to increase dexterity as well as coordination, while the child is oblivious simply because they are having so much fun.
4. Erratic scribbles on a page may not seem like much however scribbling is a precursor to writing. Slowly but surely young children learn to control the scribbling and to make varieties of different shapes until eventually they are able to clearly write letters of the alphabet.
5. Children who spend time creating art are helped to develop problem solving abilities. Art is an open-ended process and provides countless opportunities to make personal decisions and reach ones own conclusions which stimulates the ability to think flexibly.
6. Art can help children to understand the world around them as they absorb constant information. Children have the need and ability to process this and art allows them to do so in a safe way, exploring their feelings and can be an outlet for emotions using colours textures and movement to do so.
7. Art is a great way to bring people together of every kind of background talent and age.

Are you looking for inspiration and ideas for children’s art parties? Hertfordshire based Artskool Academy will be happy to hear from you!

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