Afterschool Art Club

Afterschool Art Club

Education is very important we’re sure you will agree. But, it is not simply for use in a workplace. An education, when carried out well, creates a healthy brain and a healthy lifestyle. For example, learning maths is far more than knowing how to do your accounts or work out a shopping bill. It forms thinking pathways that cross over to many other situations by examining for instance patterns. They also learn how they themselves think. The same is true of Language. A child doesn’t simply learn to speak English or some other language, they learn alternative ways of thinking and reasoning on subjects and they understand people in a wider range of cultures. You may have heard to true statement: “When you forget everything you have learned, all you are left with is education”

Yes, education should be designed to feed and grow a brain, not to teach it the correct answers to questions. Intelligence is a product of good education. Intelligence is not knowing a lot of facts.

Did you know? - There is increasing evidence in the fields of rehabilitation medicine and neuroscience showing clearly that art enhances brain function by impacting brain wave patterns, emotions, and the nervous system. Art can also raise serotonin levels (affecting far more than your mood). Interestingly, it has been said that those who are artistic in anyway are likely to have more developed and/or intelligent brains than others who do not.

With this in mind, what could be better for your child than and Afterschool Art Club with the ArtsKool Academy? They offer “Best Holiday Classes”, “Best Kids Parties”, “Best Kids Art Club” and an Afterschool Art Club. In the holidays they offer arty mornings with your children and even do one on one lessons to really focus on structured art lessons to guide your child specifically. You’ll love to look over your own children’s portfolios to see how they improve over time! You can find their prices online easily under the “Pay Here” tab.

Maybe you’re looking for something for your children to do during the holidays? Are they normally on their phones or playing games? Or is it term time and you want to add to their formal education something fun and exciting to boost their mood and skills? Don’t fret, it’s not hard. ArtsKool Academy has it covered.

ArtsKool Academy’s teachers are all fully insured, first aid aware and they all promote an “Every Child Matters” policy so no one will feel neglected or singled out.

You can take a look at their gallery online to see some great pieces of art by young children! Also their “What we do” tab is very helpful. You will also find their contact details on their website.
Telephone: 07890575828

If you want your child to have fun, be creative and learn in a healthy environment to set them up for adult life, then you should definitely call the ArtsKool Academy for kids! Their Afterschool Art Club is the best!

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