After School Art Club Stevenage

If you’re looking for an After School Art Club Stevenage for your kids, look no further! This is the Best Art Club in Hertfordshire for Children, Teenagers and Adults, with free trial options on most classes. If you have a child who is passionate about drawing, painting, modelling and creating, we will nurture and explore this passion and help them to grow. The journey art can take us on is a beautiful one, and here we believe it’s important to nurture this passion in people when they are young. ‘Use it or lose it’ as some say!

Our Art Mediums
We use a multitude of art mediums: painting, sculpture, clay, printing, collage and drawing to name just a few. Each child builds up a portfolio of work and has opportunities to grow, explore and experiment with Art. They will be able to look back and see how far they have come, whilst enjoying each step of the journey. Our After School Art Club Stevenage is a wonderful place to create and be free - they are perfect for kids with a great imagination, or those who simply love to make things!

Why Visit Our After School Art Club Stevenage?
If you have a child who loves art, wants to be inspired, is always drawing, or simply wants to learn how to do those things, we can help you. We inspire, motivate, and develop arty skills in both kids and adults. We even host creative parties and arty mornings, along with one to one lessons.

There is a free trial session available upon request - just get in touch to enquire about this. Every week the lesson plan is different, and we offer a variety of inspirational activities to keep the kids interested and loving their time in the lessons. They are free to develop their art skills at their own pace with a never ending supply of carefully guided and structured art lessons which are all age appropriate within the class setting.

The portfolio that they build while they are with us makes a beautiful keepsake to cherish forever and look back on!

Everybody here has a positive, can do attitude, and this has a great effect on what the children produce - inside and outside of the class. A small amount of guidance can go a long way - you won’t believe what they can achieve, even after just a session or two!

Get In Touch Today To Learn More About Our After School Art Club Stevenage
Contact Annette on 07890 575828 to register your interest in our After School Art Club Stevenage. All tutors are - DBS- with Full Insurance, First Aid aware and promote Every Child Matters policy. This class is for all abilities and skill sets. Providing you have an imagination and a passion for creating, we will work perfectly together.

Get in touch today to learn more about our after school art club Stevenage and grow your skills as an artist! 

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