Corporate team building and wellness activities Stevenage

Team building is an essential part of corporate life. When you’ve got a team that bonds well and can work together, then your business can take on the world! As it happens, we provide corporate team building and wellness activities in Stevenage. This service is perfect for any business that’s in and around the Stevenage area. We use numerous different techniques to tap into the creative mindset of your employees and unlock their potential!

At Artskool Academy, we love arts and crafts. It’s in our blood, and we deliver so many fantastic team building and wellness sessions in Stevenage. With fully-trained instructors supporting your team, you’ll be amazed at how much you can get from these activities.
Team Building Packages Made For Your Business
We’ve been running these team building sessions for a long time, and it's helped us realise that a lot of businesses are different. So, we started offering themed team building packages in Stevenage. This means you can customise your session to suit your business needs. There are loads of different activities you can do, including drawing, watercolour painting, clay modelling and painting on easels. It’s up to you which activities you do during the session, and we’ll create a theme around it that suits your team environment.

One of the best things about team building through arts & crafts is that we encourage expression. We want to create an environment where your employees let go and express in a creative space. The idea is to remove the shackles of corporate life and let your creative self run free! This will make team building far more enjoyable for everyone involved, and your team will love it!
A Range Of Wellness Activities
Artskool Academy doesn’t just offer team building activities, but we also have a range of wellness activities as well. These aren’t so much focused on building a team environment, but more about creating inner peace. Corporate life can be tough, and everyone needs a break now and then.

Here, we let you enjoy mindful art with relaxing music. This is something that a lot of our previous customers enjoy as they found it very soothing to paint or draw with relaxing music playing in the background.

At the end of your session, everyone will be walking out feeling as though they’ve had a deep tissue massage - that’s how relaxing these activities can be! We use art to help relieve stress and improve mental wellness.
Contact Us Today!
You can contact us by phone or email if you have any additional queries. We endeavour to reply as soon as we can, and we also provide free quotes for our corporate team building and wellness activities in Stevenage.

Every session includes all the different art materials - including the music used as well. You can create a team building session that’s based around group activities, or you can split everyone up individually as well. If you really want to connect your team, then our arts and crafts activities are the best way to do so

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