Corporate Team Building and Wellness Activities in Hatfield

At Artskool Academy, we provide a variety of team building and wellness activities for adults in Hatfield. We believe that the creative arts are perfect for developing skills and getting people to work better as a team. It’s an excellent alternative to traditional team training, and you will see instant benefits when you return to your corporate setting. Improve relationships, get employees working together, and enjoy a fun day out at the same time.
Themed Team Building Activities
All of our team building classes are bespoke and set up depending on your wants and needs. We know that different companies want to get different things out of their team building sessions, so we create them based on your business. We can choose an overall theme that’s most suitable for your employees, and there is even the option for individual classes as well.

We offer a variety of different arts & crafts activities, including the following:

Drawing: get your team to test their drawing skills as they bring objects to life with art
Watercolour painting: make team building more fun and exciting by enjoying watercolour painting activities
Clay modelling: test your hand-eye coordination skills with brilliant clay modelling activities that are sure to get the whole team laughing
Painting on easels: make everyone feel like a professional artist and show off their newfound skills by painting on easels

The services we offer are all geared towards adults and adult learning. We tap into your teams' hidden creative talents to help harness their skills and bring out the best in them!
We Connect Teams Through Art
The benefit of team building activities at Artskool Academy is that you get to improve your team’s relationship. Everyone comes together for a few hours and gets to enjoy life out of the typical work setting.

We find that people enjoy the company of one another when they’re outside of a corporate environment. It’s a great way to make everyone feel connected and let new relationships form. This will translate back into working life, giving you a more cohesive workplace!

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