Alexanders Toy Soldiers is an entirely UK based company being established in 1997. From the initial design and printing stages through to sculpture and hand painting of our figurines, we take great pride in carrying on this fine craft filling a unique niche in the arts. Painstaking care is taken to produce each and every one of our toy soldiers as well as vignettes, historical scenes and dioramas. The process of design, printing, sculpting and painting is carried out by our master craftsman who brings to the table decades of experience as manifested in the quality of the end result.

Alexanders Toy Soldiers covers such events and periods in history as the British Napoleonic, the French Napoleonic, the Prussian Napoleonic period, the Austrian Napoleonic, the Russian Napoleonic, Napoleonic allies, Napoleonic artillery, Napoleonic gunboats, Napoleonic ceremonial, Napoleonic 1805, the Retreat to Corunna Napoleonic, the Napoleon on campaign, Napoleons coronation, Wellington on Campaign and Napoleon in Egypt. Also the Crimean war, Crimea cavalry, the British at the guns, Crimea return from the charge, the Crimean British infantry, Crimea allies and Russian Crimean. Also World War One, World War One Serbians, World War One Austrians, World War One Turkish. Also the English Civil War, English Civil War cavalry, English Civil War parliament, English Civil War Royalists, English Civil War artillery, English Civil War vignettes and the English Civil War high command. Also the American Civil War union, the American Civil War Confederates, the American Civil War cavalry, the American Civil War artillery. Also the British Empire British from 1650 to 1700, and Henry VIII. The seven years war British, the seven years war French, the seven years war cavalry, the seven years war artillery, the seven years war axis and allies. Also Newbury Street, the American war of Independence, Memories of Past Glories, Police of the World, Westerners, Quebec 1759, the Roman army, the Boer War, Sudan, the Mahdists Sudan, Sci fi and more!

As you can imagine each of these take painstaking time to go through the process of design, printing, sculpting and painting yet the results are surely worth it as evidenced by our successful trade since 1997. To see examples of the above toy soldiers, vignettes, historical scenes and dioramas please do visit our website. Our website would also provide you with our contact details as well as our location details should you wish to get in touch with us. We are here to answer any questions you may have or to talk over any thoughts or ideas you might have in terms of special commissions which we also do accept. We place huge emphasis on customer satisfaction and put 100% into everything we do right from initial design and printing through to sculpture and hand painting of each one of our miniature pieces of art. We feel sure you won’t be disappointed should you choose to purchase one of our toy soldiers, vignettes, historical scenes or dioramas. We look forward to hearing from you here at Alexanders Toy Soldiers.

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