Best Half term and Holiday Arty mornings for your child


Best Holiday Arty mornings all year through!  every holiday! we are there! 

Offering exciting – inspirational and amazing Structured Arty activities for your child! and time off for you!

Keeping your children happy, creative and interested during the holidays 

Drop off sessions ...the art they produce and bring home is truly OUTSTANDING!!!  


A morning of :  Drawing - Painting - Clay - Music - pass the ART Prize parcel - and more............Music - 


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***Before booking any place - please inform me of any: 

  • Special Requirements
  • Disability
  • Medical Needs
  • Dietary restrictions

As we will need to know in ADVANCE of extra support and arrangements that are required for your child

call Annette O'Donnell  07890 575828 to discuss prior to booking



                                       for ages 4 upwards


                 £15 per child - or £25 for two (in same session) At standard sessions



                                           session timeS :10am  - 12 

                            all sessions  incl.refresh , art materials and take home art


                           SUMMER HOLIDAYS 2018

                                 WEEK 1 - SUMMER THEME ART

                Tuesday 24th July 10am-12 @ Pavilion Hall, Welwyn, AL6 9AS

              Wednesday 25th July 10am-12 @ Artscape, Harpenden, AL5 1PW


                                      WEEK 2 - SLIME & SPLATTER THEME ART

               Tuesday 31st July 10am-12 @ Pavilion Hall, Welwyn, AL6 9AS


                                     WEEK 3 - GREATEST SHOWMAN/CIRCUS ART

                Tuesday 7th August 10am-12 @ Pavilion Hall, Welwyn, AL6 9AS

              Wednesday 8th August 10am-12 @ Artscape, Harpenden, AL5 1PW

            Thursday 9th August FAMILY SPECIAL 10am-12 @ Pavilion Hall, Welwyn, AL6 9AS


                          WEEK 4 - CANVAS ART

                Tuesday 14th August 10am-12 @ Pavilion Hall, Welwyn, AL6 9AS

              Wednesday 15th August 10am-12 @ Artscape, Harpenden, AL5 1PW

             Thursday 16th August FAMILY SPECIAL 10am-12 @ Pavilion Hall, Welwyn, AL6 9AS


                               WEEK 5 - PETS/ANIMALS THEME ART

                Tuesday 21st August 10am-12 @ Pavilion Hall, Welwyn, AL6 9AS

              Wednesday 22nd August 10am-12 @ Artscape, Harpenden, AL5 1PW

                         ***** BOOKING CART NOW OPEN *****

Step 1. BOOK ONLINE - if you are a new member - then we can add you to our interested database for future events - please make sure you have informed us of any extra support of medical needs PRIOR to booking .

PAY ONLINE now via 'PAY HERE ' drop down tab above

or request a quick easy PAYPAL LINK sent to your phone/ipad

Please state childs name and age in 'additional information ' section of cart - as we create name badges from this - prior to class

Session includes: Quality Art activities - including artwork and Clay modelling with a pass the 'Arty' Parcel activity - and refreshments

"we are good at bringing out the artist in children!"

for any further enquiries please call Annette 07890 575828         


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