Art Energy Healing for kids


Intuitive Art  and Energy Healing for Kids with 'The heartfelt Healer' Annette O'Donnell

Intuitive Art and Energy Healing for kids
Intuitive Art Therapy Child
Studies are now showing that some of the struggles children are facing are a direct result of them being highly sensitive and intuitive and have difficulty in expressing themselves.If you feel your child is different you are probably corrrect.
Children sometimes have a hard time explaining how they feel and what they are thinking and as a result it all just comes out wrong - often resulting in sickness or behavioural problems.
Many of these children are dignosed with conditions like Autism, Aspergers, OCD, ADHD and others and they are prone to energetic blocks resulting is sickness and behavioural issues.
Some children are purely in a state of 'lost' following the bereavement of a parent or a new environment within a Foster family or Adoption situation.....these life events are very challenging for young souls to cope with and understand. Intutive Art and Energy Healing is invaluable to their ability to cope, adjust and express their emotions and thoughts.
Unfortunately it is now very common now for chldren to be suffering from Anxiety and Depresson at such young ages in Primary schools as they cope with school assesments - and pressures to perform to a hgh standard. Maybe their parents are stressed out in their working lives and thiss just adds to the mpact on their little lives
Supporting them - healing them and puttng into place early coping startegies EARLY is crucial to them growing up happy, healthy and balanced.
As 'The heartfelt Healer' I can offer support and a solution to clearing the energetic blocks that mask as sense of lack...the sense of something missing .......
I combine my skills as a Reiki Master, Angelic Reki Practitioner, Healer and Art Tutor to bring Light, Healing, Love and Creativity to a safe space which your child can flouish in expression and healing ...bringing  a key to potentially unlock their blocks and transfer Energy Healing - giving your child a VISUAL VOICE . 
With over 13 years of experience tutoring Creative activities for children to express themselves within mainstream schools and within HomeEd groups -  I have a deep understanding and rappore with children of all ages - 
                                                          I see them - I hear them 
If you would like to find out more about how I can support your child by offering them their VISUAL VOICE
please contact Annette O'Donnell 'The heartfelt Healer' on 07890 575828  or email


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