Best kids Art Club

                                                       During Coviid times 

  JANUARY 2021 offering you AFTERSCHOOL Artclub ZOOMS

                     Tuesdays 3.45 - 4.45 UK time weekly 

               starts January 5th - 12th - 18th - 26th         


If your child LOVES art and want to be INSPIRED!

                         they find such pleasure in being arty ...

                            always drawing...always painting.....

                                 always wanting to learn how to....


                                     BE AN ARTIST      


                Welcome ! to The Best KIDS Art Club in Hertfordshire


       We Inspire - Motivate and Develop Arty skills for any age to be ARTY and CREATIVE



ON LINE zoom LESSONS & ART parties available 


 PARTIES - afterschool Art CLUBS - holiday Arty MORNINGS 

              1:1 LESSONS 


* After Covid restrictions have cleared FREE TRIAL session available (upon request) at the Tuesday session 3.45 - 5pm at Pavilion Welwyn - just ask!   

Each weeks lesson plans are different as we offer a wide variety of inspirational arty activities to keep your child interested. They can develop their art skills at their own pace with a never ending supply of carefully guided and structured art lessons which are all age appropriate within the class setting.

They will build an amazing portfolio of artwork - a beautiful keepsake!

We have an 'all can do' attitiude as every child has their own way of creating and being arty - with a little guidance from us you will be amazed at the quality of the art they start to produce


Contact Annette 07890 575828 to register your interest


Look on the 'What we do' tab  above for more details

All tutors are - DBS- with Full Insurance, First Aid aware and promote Every Child Matters policy


                       See our daily Facebook updates ( just below)

                  we are on Facebook - Pinterest - Twitter & Instagram



For Art Party dates availability - Art Class information contact  Annette O'Donnell

07890 575828

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